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Go to Japan, ride an elephant, or shoot at the zombies without leaving your house. Thanks to virtual reality, new experiences are within your reach.

Virtual reality

What is VR?

The basic purpose of virtual reality (which was established in 2012) is to create in the human mind an illusion of residing in a virtual world. The main task of this technology is to build computer versions of objects or spaces that take users to the created world. Thanks to development of virtual reality, users can experience visual and sound stimuli. Virtual reality (VR) is often compared to augmented reality (AR). Hovewer, some might say that AR is more limited in perception.

How is VR technology used

Taking the users to virtual reality can be either treated as an entertainment or as a part of real life. It’s no longer a surprise that VR has a big influence on the development of science, or the training of people, e.g.: military flights simulations, surgical training, or renovation works. Another side of the virtual reality are VR games for PC, consoles, and mobiles. The most popular ones are simulators, FPP games and MMORPG games. Simulators can take the user to a real world in which he can fly an airplane or drive a crane. In FPP (first-person perspective) games you can personate the main character and experience the game his eyes. The most popular games of this type are shooting games. MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) are all kinds of virtually created worlds, in which the gamer can move freely.

Have an idea? We can work it out!

To take yourself to virtual reality, the only things you need are a HTC Vive headset and a computer. If you would like to play your dream VR game that hasn’t been created yet - we can make it for you! During the creative proces, we follow the principles of the design thinking method - creative solutions are the most important for us. Virtual reality is a great way to show your product to a client. It doesn’t matter if it’s an exclusive hotel, an exotic trip, or an apartment. Together we will find a way to promote your product using VR technology.

We can make you mobile!

We create mobile games and apps for Android, IOS and Windows system. These are the most common ones in users smartphones. We are using a human-centered approach to design our games, so needs of users are analyzed at an early stage. If you have an idea for an application or mobile game and you don’t know how to make it - we can help you with that!

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