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your horizons

A dragon sitting in your room, choosing a new couch to your living room, or designing a new pair of jeans won’t be a problem anymore. Here comes augmented reality.

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What is AR?

The AR system is based the connection of both virtual and real worlds. The most popular technique is to overlay an image from the camera (of any mobile device) with computer-generated visual effects. Another way to experience augmented reality is to wear special translucent glasses. AR is often used in mobile apps or in mobile games.

AR in real life

People use augmented reality in science, business, and entertainment. You can also meet this technology in the promotion of products, like furniture or clothes. Thanks to AR, the user can fit the suitable lamp to an apartment, or try on a dozen of shirts. Augmented reality is also useful for sport cars enthusiasts. It makes their journey easier because they can see the most important information about a car on the glass in front of them. AR technology in games had its breakthrough during the Pokémon Go premiere.

Let us augment your reality

If you have an idea for a new app or a game with AR technology - don’t be afraid to contact us! We can promote your product in a creative way. Every our project is individually adjusted to your needs - we know how to make your ideas come true!

We can make you mobile!

We create mobile games and apps for Android, IOS and Windows system. These are the most common ones in users smartphones. We are using a human-centered approach to design our games, so needs of users are analyzed at an early stage. If you have an idea for an application or mobile game and you don’t know how to make it - we can help you with that!

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